Is Michigan the Best State for My LLC?

Posted by Christine Mueller | Sep 06, 2023 | 0 Comments

Michigan is a Great Choice for your LLC.

You might hear someone say you should form your LLC in another state, like Delaware or Nevada or Wyoming. And that might be good advice in a few special cases. But Michigan is often a great choice because it offers:

  • One of the lowest formation filing fees in the country. Only two states -- Montana and Arkansas -- charge less than Michigan's $50 initial filing fee. And the annual fee is only $25, which is among the lowest annual fees in the country.
  • Anonymity. The member/owner does not need to publicly disclose his/her/its identity to form or maintain the LLC in Michigan. Many states require the members' identities to be disclosed, either upon the initial filing or in the annual reports.
  • Two-way asset protection:
    • Members and managers of the LLC are not liable for the acts, debts or obligations of the LLC; and
    • A member's interest in the LLC cannot be foreclosed on by a judgment creditor of the member.

Compare a few highly touted LLC formation states to Michigan:


    • $90 initial filing fee plus $300 annually


    • $425 initial filing fee plus $350 annually


    • $100 initial filing fee plus $60 annually


    • $50 initial filing fee plus $25 annually

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