Business Law Attorney in Troy, Michigan

Areas of Business Law

Business law is a huge topic, but it pretty much falls into three main areas:

  • First, there are laws about the structure of business entities such as corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies. These laws describe the organization and internal workings of the business entity, such as the relationships between owners and boards and executive management.
  • Second, there are laws about the relationships between a business and its suppliers and customers. These are almost entirely concerned with the formation and interpretation of various types of contracts.
  • Finally, virtually all businesses are subject to some kind of governmental regulation. Complying with those regulations can a major ongoing task for some businesses.

What We're Good At

There are many offshoots of business law such as employment, tax, intellectual property, and securities law.

At Lex Novus, we organize LLCs and corporations, and advise clients on tax elections. We can help you decide whether your company should make an S election, for example. We design and draft operating agreements and shareholder agreements to create clear contractual relationships, which can be very important for business succession planning. We also draft our clients' customer-facing contracts and are often involved in negotiating their agreements with vendors and suppliers.

A Practical Approach to Problem-Solving

Here at Lex Novus PLC, we have extensive experience helping business owners find resolutions to their legal problems in an efficient and effective way so they can get back to growing their company.

Our goal as your attorney is to provide one-on-one, personalized legal services that are tailored to work for you and your business.