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Our favorite term for a real estate attorney is "dirt lawyer". It gets right to the physical nature of its subject. Wherever you go, your very right to be there (or not) is governed by real estate law. It's crucial you get the advice of an experienced professional for your real estate needs. Lex Novus PLC is here to help clients in Michigan with real estate transactions. We can assist you with your purchase, sale or lease transaction. This includes:

  • Representation in real estate negotiations

  • Contract reviewing and closing assistance

  • Legal documentation and interpretation

  • Lease reviews and negotiations

  • Estate acquisition from wills and trusts

We have in-depth knowledge and experience with real estate matters to provide outstanding assistance for your needs.

Start On The Right Foot With The Right Dirt Lawyer in Troy, MI

This purchase or sale may one of the biggest financial investments you will make in your lifetime. Make sure that you're taking the right steps to protect your future and your wallet. Choose someone who is familiar and fluent in real estate law in Michigan to assist you with your needs. Reach out to Lex Novus PLC today to schedule your consultation.